Louis Francois tilbyr et stort utvalg av spesialprodukter som brukes av konditorer ved produksjon av avanserte




Produkter i A LA CARTE PRODUKTER sortiment  2013

100A Askorbinsyre   pulver 1kg

Food anti-oxidant with limited use.   Increases elasticity and tolerance of dough, strengthens the glutinic   structure.

106 A Sitronsyre   pulver 1kg

Powdered monohydrated product. Reveals   taste, preservative, pH corrector. Boosts the activity of anti-oxidants,   raising agent in biscuit making. Acidulant in confectionery.   For food stuffs, with limited use.

A130 Agar agar   pulver 1kg

Vegetable, natural, heat-soluble gelling   agent. The gel is obtained when cooled. Substitute of gelatine in   confectionery, pastry, desserts. The agar agar solution must first be brought   to the boil. The gel is obtained when cooled.

A335 Chantifix pulver   1kg

Stabilizes prepared creams, in   particular chantillly cream and whipped cream. Extends shelf life,   facilitates emulsion, improves lightness and creaminess.

A450 Dextrose   Monohydrate pulver 1kg

Simple powdered sugar with a not very   sweet taste. Lowers the freezing point for ice creams and avoids   crystallization. Allows better binding of flavours and enhances them.   Provides a biscuity colour. Aids fermentation of raised products (in   particular sweet breads etc.).

251B Eggehvite   pulver 1kg

Selected   pasteurized and atomized egg whites. Sets better than fresh egg whites   whipped to stiff peak. Strengthens and prevents fresh or frozen egg whites   from breaking up. Ideal for floating   islands, meringues, nougat, etc.

A732 Gelatine 200 bloom pulver 1kg

Pig origin.

6120 Glucose deshydrate D.E. pulver 1kg

Atomised/powdered DE40 glucose syrup   with a not very sweet taste. (DE: Dextrose Equivalent). For ice creams:   extended shelf life, finer crystals (by its anti-crystallizing effect, it is   a complement to stabilizers), better taste in mouth when melting.

922 Isomalt Gallia   pulver 1kg

Sweet taste not as important as sugar   and not very hygroscopic: recommended for cooked sugar.

A1615 Pectine Jaune   pulver 1kg

A gelling agent that gives a   non-reversible gel when heated in acidic and sweet environments (DE above 75   %).

A1622 Pectine NH   Nappage pulver 1kg

A gelling agent that gives a   thermoreversible gel Fillings,   pastry toppings with undiluted fruits.

A1628 Pectine X58   pulver 1kg

A gelling agent that gives a stable   thermoreversible gel on freezing and defrosting. Neutral water based toppings   for: cakes, sponge cakes, biscuits. Ideal for low sugar topping.

1624A Pectine Rapid   Set pulver 1kg

A gelling agent that reacts in acidic   environments and contains a high dried extract. Jams, jellies and fillings   (particularly suitable for coarse cut traditional jams).

A1971 Stab2000 pulver   1kg

Stabilizer more particularly used for   ice creams. • Emulsifier that distributes raw fatty materials. • Stabilizer   for the aqueous structure of a mixture and anti-crystallization. • Provides   creaminess and facilitates expansion. • Delays the melting of ice pops.

B1990 Super Neutrose   pulver 1kg

Stabilizer mainly used for sorbets. •   Improves smoothness, sharpness, creaminess by avoiding cristals • Provides a   noticeable gain with expansion • Emulsifies the mix ingredients and corrects   its viscosity. • Delays the melting of ice pops.



500095/1 Titanium   dioxide pulver 1kg

White colouring. Soluble in water. Unstable   with alcohol.

372K Gul «Jaune d’oeuf» pulver 100g
377K Oransje «Jaune orange» pulver 100g
392K Grønn «Vert menthe» pulver 100g
382K Rød «Rouge» pulver 100g